The Free Art Bureau is a non-profit foundation active in and promoting new practices in open culture. Through a variety of activities and production practices, we are essentially concerned with technology, research, teaching & disseminating open practices, helping to empower and build creative communities that are free from the restraints of closed systems. We adopt a critical view of future possibilities in art and design in an open, social and gentlemanly manner.

FAB was founded in February 2011 by Mark Webster in a tiny headspace for potential disaster. With the positive help and support from a network of family, friends and busy-body creatives, FAB has grown in to a collaborative community blooming on various celebratory occasions throughout the year.



Research / Innovate / Create / Educate.
Openness is our belief. Ignorance is not an option.


    The Bureau

Mark Webster

Julien Gachadoat
Honorary Partner
& Captain Coder

Stéphane Buellet
Honorary Board Member
& Researcher at large

Louis Eveillard
Events coordinator

The Think Tank with biscuits.


    People with whom we share mutual trust and with whom FAB collaborates.

La Fonderie de l’Image
Étapes Magazine
ESAD Amiens
iBoat de Bordeaux


All enquiries can be made by dropping us an email at the following address : info@freeartbureau.org

You can equally sign up for our newsletter.


All work on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, unless specified otherwise.

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